Christmas is nearly upon us and anno 2016 is heading towards the history books.

What a conflicting year it has been.

The world is clearly in a state of emergency as political, environmental, financial and fanatical extremism has continually been broadcasted into our lives. Still it was a fabulous year as I have been extremely fortunate with participating in an amazing variety of highly rewarding artistic adventures.

Just to be clear: ‘rewarding' in my thesaurus is a synonym for ‘meaningful’ or ‘gratifying’… a fulfillment of the mind and soul.

It was a year of album releases and presentations like Duology (with my mate Carlo Nardozza), Amaranthine (with the amazing Let The Music Speak) and Inner Waves (with the inspiring Bart Defoort Quintet).

Furthermore a bunch of Belgian West Coast brothers got together to form a band named Dudes Like Us.

Another milestone was the release of a first album in my name: A Fisherman’s Tale

Which brings me to what’s ahead in 2017.

Some of the music on my quartet album has become the soundtrack of a short movie “The Usefulness of Mathematics" by Geert Segers. This beautiful film about what should be important in life will be premiered on January 12, 2017.

I will also be rejoining the renewed Unforgettable project of choreographer Isabelle Beernaert and Black Mango will definitely release its first album which was recorded in 2016.

Thus 2016 transcends into 2017.

Just some numbers as far as I am concerned. What matters most is the moment… and it looks like there are heaps of stunning moments to come in the company of beautiful human beings.