Let The Music Speak!

Presenting yet another project very close to my heart.

This band, led by trombonist Adam Woolf, is all about what the name insinuates: letting the music speak in every way by exploring the connection between music and life.

The program features music written over a period of 700 years and anchored to milestones of life: Birth, Youth, Love, Loss, Death, before ending with the newest composition, entitled Amaranthine, meaning 'eternal beauty'.

The band:

Adam Woolf (UK) - trombone, baroque trombone & arranger

Kristen Cornwell (AU) - vocals, arranger & lyricist

Frank Vaganée (B) - alto & soprano saxophone

Jon Birdsong (USA) - trumpet, cornetto & cornetto muto

Lambert Colson (F) - cornetto & cornetto muto

Jeff Miller (USA) - tuba, serpent & didgeridoo

Anthony Romaniuk (AU) - piano & harpsichord

Mattijs Vanderleen (B) - drums, marimba, vibes, percussion & FX

Christophe Devisscher (B) - double bass, composer & arranger

Here is a clip with impressions of the recording sessions:

Enjoy... we sure did!

To be continued…