A Fisherman’s Tale

I am really excited to let you know that after all these years a first album in my name will be released very soon. 

We will be on the road in February & March to present the music live in venues across Belgium. Please check out the concert dates in your neighbourhood via Agenda.

Just a reminder:

Carlo Nardozza and I have recently released our album “Duology”. We have been presenting the music by playing house concerts and we are still on the lookout for more concerts. Just let us know when & where and we will be there.

Both albums can be ordered here. Just drop a line and you’ll be sorted… too easy!

Even more upcoming releases with Let The Music Speak! and Bart Defoort Inner Wave Quintet. I’ll keep you posted.

As you might have noticed my website has received a makeover. A forced update on my computer resulted in a general software meltdown and left me with no other choice than to rebuild and reboot the whole system. Feel free to browse around...

Anyway, the music is what matters more.

Looking very much forward to be seeing & meeting you out there!