Second home

Waking up on a glorious summer morning to the wonderful sounds of the laughing kookaburra’s at Coogee Ranch can only be the announcement of yet another fabulous day to come. So far 2012 has been great and I am looking forward to what is coming while fully enjoying the moment.

Looking back on 2011 - it was an inspiring year: recording and releasing PSQ’s 5th album, meeting new people and getting reacquainted with old friends, touring in familiar and new parts of the world and celebrating the start of my 40th year of life.

I celebrated my birthday as envisaged: teaching at the Con Gent, practicing my instrument, finally fixing the toilet flush and enjoying a tasty home cooked dinner with my soul mate. Yet another perfect day!

Back to 2012...

It was five years since I was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my Aussie family and I experienced the long awaited sensation of coming home again. The northern hemisphere is calling me again and the time has come to start answering.

Home is where the heart is... without a doubt…