Pascal Schumacher >>> vibraphone

Jef Neve >>> piano

Christophe Devisscher >>> double bass

Jens Düppe >>> drums

  1. When It Feels Nice... (P. Schumacher/J. Neve/C. Devisscher/J. Düppe)
  2. Monday Night at the Cat Club (P. Schumacher)
  3. Silbergrau (P. Schumacher)
  4. Sita’s Walk (C. Devisscher)
  5. A Bad Memory (P. Schumacher) 
  6. Don’t Think Twice... (P. Schumacher/J. Neve/C. Devisscher/J. Düppe)
  7. Toast and Salty Butter (J. Düppe)
  8. Kaa (J. Düppe)
  9. Picabia’s Pain Ting (P. Schumacher)
  10. Mount Street Waltz (C. Devisscher)
  11. ... Do It Twice (P. Schumacher/J. Neve/C. Devisscher/J. Düppe)

Recorded at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück (D), February 8 - 11, 2007, by Stephan van Wylick

Mixed at Studio Leroy in Amsterdam (NL), March 28, 2007, by Chris Weeda

Mastered at Q Point Studio in Hilversum (NL), April 1, by Peter Brussé and Chris Weeda

Artwork design by Michel Welfringer

Released on IGLOO Records

IGL 194

‘Sita’s Walk’ was also released on the compilation album ‘30 years Belgian Jazz: Finest Selection’


Released on IGLOO Records