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Kristen Cornwell >>> vocals

Pascal Schumacher >>> vibraphone & glockenspiel

Frederik Leroux >>> guitars

Christophe Devisscher >>> double bass

Dennis Frehse >>> drums

  1. Distant Skies (K. Cornwell)
  2. Lies (K. Cornwell)
  3. Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers (S. Kuhn)
  4. Old & Wise (A. Parsons/E. Woolfson)
  5. How I Wish... (T. Monk/J. Hendricks)
  6. Breathe (C. Devisscher/K. Cornwell)
  7. Cheek to Cheeky (C. Devisscher)
  8. I Know You By Heart (K. Cornwell)
  9. Past Carin‘ (H. Lawson/S. Ashley)
  10. Longing (K. Cornwell)
  11. River (K. Cornwell)

Recorded at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück (D), December 12 - 14, 2007, by Stephan van Wylick

Mixed at Studio Leroy in Amsterdam (NL), December 27, 2007, by Chris Weeda

Mastered at Q Point Studio in Hilversum (NL), December 28, 2007, by Peter Brussé and Chris Weeda

Artwork design by Rachel Dight (Swivel Creative)

Released on Jules Jazz

JJ 89501