Into the Blues

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We recorded our blues album

Kristen Cornwell, Patrick Deltenre and I spent two days with the spectacular sound engineer Koen Heirman at his fabulous Record Office and I am very excited about the result.

Home and Away


What a summer we had so far!

After wrapping up the academic year in Grimbergen it was pretty much an immediate take off towards the land Down Under. Spending a heartwarming winter with family, extended family and old & new friends in Australia was the right medicine for the frantic first half of 2017.

Djirri Djarra

Black Mango album cover

I have to say: it’s great to be strapped up to my bass guitar again!

Finally available: “Djirri Djarra” by Black Mango.

This 10-piece band led by the fabulous unique & extremely talented Joppe Bestevaar has finally released its first EP… look out for a date & venue near you and join in to experience the power of this pretty groovy band.